Easy To Follow Beauty Tips From Asia

Asia has a long history of idealising beauty and many skin care innovations come from the region. Some Asian beauty treatments may sound strange, such as slapping creams and moisturisers on your face rather than rubbing them in, but they seem to be effective.

Skin brushing is another tip that may raise some eyebrows, but there is a point to it. Cleaning the face with a soft brush first acts as a gentle peeling mask. Secondly, it prepares the skin for better absorption of cosmetic products such as cleansers and creams.

Asian women don’t just slap creams and makeup on their faces, they slap their faces with their palms as well, to improve blood circulation and energise the skin.

Women in Asia also learned early on to protect themselves from the sun. Sunblock is a must if you want to enjoy smooth and healthy skin for longer.

Regular hydration throughout the day is another beauty tip that comes from Asia and is being quickly taken on in the West. Facial mists refresh and hydrate the skin continuously.

An essential fact that many of us forget is that the skin is nourished through what we eat. Healthy food means a healthy body and healthy skin. Some of the most common ingredients in skin care products in Korea, for example, are ginseng, green tea and kimchi. Also, a little tip from Japan for a younger-looking face is to save the water used for rinsing rice before cooking and then wash your face with it.

Oil-based skin products are better than oil-free ones, says skin care professional Victoria Tsai. Oil dissolves oil so it’s the better bet for both cleaning make-up and cleansing make-up-free skin. The important thing is to use herbal oils and avoid mineral oils that leave residue, which then needs to be wiped away.