Our Foundations

chinese_medicine_therapeutic_principlesda25fbb4dffd303eca16Our Founder began his journey into TCM when his son could not effectively resolve his health issues using Western medical practices and drugs. In his search for a safe and effective cure, our Founder met with a renowned practitioner of TCM. This doctor was renowned with privileged Chinese medicine knowledge dating back to the Qing Dynasty and assisted with an effective and gentle resolution to his son’s health. After this profound personal encounter with the miraculous potential of Chinese medicine, our founder decided study Chinese medicine and followed that famous doctor for more than 10 years.

Our Esteemed Founder had a vision, to broaden the reach of oriental medicine and achieve a collaboration of western science and formulate gentle and powerful skin treatments for everyone. He infused ancient knowledge and biotechnology and developed exceptionally pure and powerful skin care products, to actively redress and protect against the signs of aging; making his vision reality.