Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that with knowledge and fortitude, the trilogy of nature, tradition and modern science can be co-opted to create the truly harmonious embodiment of genuinely effective, bespoke cosmetic formulations. All of our creations will be more concentrated, and thus more effective in delivering readily visible results and longer lasting beauty.

traditional-chinese-herbal-medicine-1Aphelia Cosmetology is unlike any other cosmetic range you may have used in the past. Aphelia Cosmetology uses hand selected natural ingredients, and then expresses and percolates them into our own concentrated extracts using the traditional Asian methodologies in our modern, hygienic laboratories. These treasured concentrates are then combined with luscious modern dermaceutical ingredients.

Asian medicines focus on creating an influence on the body the redirects energy towards harmonious balance and wellness; detoxifying and purifying the body and soul using natural medicaments.  This rebalancing requires that the herbs are harvested at their peak and prepared with impeccable attention to detail, ensuing that constituents, essences and energies embodied within the extract. We know of no other cosmetic company that embraces this attention to detail.

Aphelia cosmetology has the power to diminish and redress the signs of aging with genuinely potent concentrations of extracts and modern ingredients; a unique fusion of Traditional Chinese medicine and biotechnology.

Aphelia Cosmetology is a perfected balanced, concentrated beauty regime that firstly rebalances the epidermis using natural, TCM ingredients and extracts, and then delivers potent modern dermatological agents to redress and resolve contemporary desires.

It is not one product but a perfectly balanced regime.