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Why! Why do you look so good and not work for me!

After reading about the Aphelia hand cream from those lucky trial team members I went onto their website to see all their products.

I love the idea of Chinese herbs being mixed with modern ingredients and thought that it was well worth the investment in a few of their products. A powerhouse of ancient and modern techniques combined with herbs and natural ingredients, WOW.

I ordered the duo eye cream pack which comes with the fusion dark circle and peony eye cream and the Luscious hand cream that was reviewed by the trial team.

Shipment was fast and I was so excited to receive the package in the post. The packaging is green with gold Chinese writing down the side, not having a clue about the Chinese language I couldn’t tell you what it says but it looks very impressive!

The Luscious jar lives up to the hype, it is absolutely amazing! Its heavy with a rose imbedded in the lid and is so luxurious looking that I honestly just sat there holding and staring at it for a while like it was a newborn baby. Its unlike any other beauty product packaging that I have ever seen.

The hand cream has quite a thick texture and a smell that I wasn’t a huge fan of. Its not that it was unpleasant but just smelt strange to me and I couldn’t pin point what it reminded me of, therefore I decided I didn’t like it. Lucky it doesn’t linger.

Aphelia suggest lathering this on morning and night or whenever you feel like your hands need some TLC. At $100 a jar I was reluctant to play along with their “lather on” suggestion but after using it I realise you really don’t need that much to achieve that “lather on” feeling they talk about. You would realistically go through one jar every 4-6 weeks with conservative use (more if you used it more than twice a day) which at $100 a pop is a committed ongoing investment.

It absorbs into the skin almost instantaneously and this made me very happy. There is no lingering greasiness or a period where you have to wave your hands around like a mad person to “dry” them off.

I used this morning and night and although it should have worked, it sadly did not. My hands were no more moisturised than before I used it and it did nothing for my fine lines and “crepiness”.

What it did do was overnight invite the return of my Eczema which I haven’t had for a very long time, to the point where my hands were sore and cracked I could hardly use my keyboard at work.

I took photos of my hands and stopped using the cream. I sent the photos through to the CIO of Aphelia (who was in contact with me from the moment I ordered them) and asked his opinion and if he had seen this reaction before. He told me to not use it and return it for a full refund. In my mind I thought “can I keep the jar and just return the contents”. Sadly I knew this wasn’t an option so returned it. They test all their ingredients before they put them in their products and can trace contents back to their origin from the batch number. I know it wasn’t a faulty product, just didn’t agree with my skin.

Luscious may work for others but unfortunately did nothing for me. The concept makes sense and the ingredients should all work together in harmony to create an amazing product.

I know this product works as the other reviews are glowing, my skin just clearly didn’t appreciate how lovely the jar was and what the contents were trying to do for my skin health.

Aphelia customer service is amazing! The CIO contacts everyone to confirm they are happy and works with you to try and find beter results in the event that it doesn’t.

I returned this for a full refund under their 30-day money back guarantee but even if it was outside the 30 days with the reaction I had I would have been given a return anyway I would think.

I wanted to give 5 stars just for the jar, but this is probably not the best way to rate a product :)

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Thiss is my new number one ‘go to’ cream! I use it for everything, hands, body, face, decolletage! I love that I can actually notice the difference in the appearance of my skin when i look in the mirror. It only took about a week of using it twice a day. I put it on my face after cleansing and before applying make up, although I generally don’t feel the need to put any makeup on because the cream has actually toned my skin so its not blotchy like it used to be. It definnitely hydrates because I notice my skin feeling a bit tight and dry when I haven’t used it for a while. My skin literally glows and feels soft and plump when i use it… Kind of addicted now lol
Its not cheap but i think its definitely worth every cent for all the benefits you get from it!

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Gorgeous cream that lives up to its claims

I received the Aphelia Luscious Intensive Hand & Skin Cream as a part of a discovery bag trial, and was very excited to be trialling it as I have never heard of the brand before.

Consequently I did a little research on the brand, and was extremely excited by my findings, as it is unlike any other product I have tried. The products are made using pure, natural herbal power that has been combined with cosmetic science. The ingredients are hand selected and then expresses and percolates them into our own concentrated extracts using the traditional Asian methodologies. The products from Aphelia are to represent a hand crafted, east meets west fusions of holistic tradition and modern science, giving you the best of both worlds

The Aphelia Luscious Intensive Hand & Skin Cream comes in a bright green box with gold writing, and Chinese (I assume!) writing down one side of the box, and on the other side the words “The Origin of Beauty’. On the last side of the box, the ingredients of the cream, and the instructions are listed. From the green box I must admit that I didn’t have high expectations of what I would find inside….but much to my surprise I found a lovely and luxurious looking cream in a gold toned heavy plastic jar with the most beautiful screw lid with a stunning rose design. It just looks so expensive and gorgeous, and was instantly given a place on my bedside table, where it hasn’t left since!

The Aphelia Luscious cream is an anti-ageing hand and skin cream, which with 14 powerful herbal extracts, claims to nourish and nurture skin from within, leaving your hands and skin looking smoother, softer, and more youthful, visibly wrinkles and pigmentation.

The cream has a lovely and very light and smooth texture, which absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving if feeling ever so soft, smooth and silky and thoroughly hydrated, without any greasy or sticky feeling. Especially when used at night before going to bed, my hands feels so beautifully soft the next morning from overnight treatment.

The Luscious cream has a gorgeous sweet floral scent, although it is very gentle and far from overwhelming. And this scent does not linger, but disappears almost as soon as the cream has absorbed.

Aphelia recommends using the cream twice daily – and the cream consequently should last approx. 30 days. After now having used it for almost four weeks, I am happy to say that I still have a little left, probably sufficient for another week or two.

Usually I do not have dry hands – except for in winter time, where they always get horribly dry. But after having used the cream for almost four weeks, my skin definitely looks better, and feels so much softer and more moisturised. Even my nails seem to be thriving from the increased moisture. Fine lines seem to have diminished a little, and some of the pigmentation on the top of my hands seems to be lighter. I also had scar on my hand from recently burning myself on the oven (stupid, I know!), but the scar seemed to heal faster, and I believe that it is now far less prominent that it would have been without using the cream.

Generally I prefer creams with pumps or in tubes, simply as it is more hygienic, and considering the price of the Luscious cream, I would certainly prefer if it at least had come with a spatula so you don’t have to dip your fingers into the product. On the positive, the jar does make it possible to completely empty the jar, and avoid any wastage.

All in all it is a gorgeous and beautiful cream that lives up to its claims. At $99 for a 100ml jar of cream, it is very pricey – in fact the most expensive hand cream that I have ever used, and simply because of the high price tag, I am sadly not likely to be purchasing this again in the near future. However, it would make for the ultimate indulgent pampering present.

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